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Re: How to disable anacron?

Chris Rouch wrote:
> I think removing "/etc/cron.d/0hourly" should have the same effect as
> disabling the service used to. Of course then none of your jobs in
> cron.daily or cron.weekly will ever be run. A less drastic approach
> would be to remove the jobs in cron.daily and cron.weekly that are
> causing problems (presumably prelink or mlocate?)
Removing the /etc/cron.d/0hourly symlink will have no affect on any
other jobs - it will just stop anacron's hourly check for missed
jobs. You can completely remove anacron, and all the rest of the
cron jobs will still run fine on a machine that runs 24/7. All
anacron does is run missed cron jobs - such as jobs scheduled to run
when the machine was powered off.


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