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Is there an X11 terminal font similar to the console font t.fnt.gz


When i was a 'console-only-no-X11' guy, i preferred using the font 't'[1]. Later when i begrudgingly switched to working on a desktop all the time, i kept trying out different fonts but was never satisfied.

Eventually, i discovered the 'fkp' font[2], which was the closest (IMHO) to the effect of the 't' font, so i stuck with that.

However the absence of the 'stems' in the [ and ] characters of the fkp font is getting to me. It is really annoying to be unable to differentiate between [,] & | without a second glance.

So, my question is:
a. Can the 't' font be in some way 'ported' to X11 (I am sorry, i don't know much about font creation) b. Are there any *fixed-width* alternatives to the fkp font that give the same curved/rounded edges to the characters ?

- steve

[1] /lib/kbd/consolefonts/t.fnt.gz, go to a virtual terminal, login as root and execute:
$ setfont t

[2] from the artwiz-aleczapka-fonts package

why procrastinate when you can perendinate ?

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