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Re: F11 dvd media errors

Smae thing happened with me with F11 DVD.  I was thinking it had to do
more with the nuances of DVD burning than anything else.  I have an older
DVD r/w drive in my Fedora box and I burned it very quickly with another
DVD writer using a DVD -R that was standard at best.

What I did was burn slower and use the "best" DVD +R media that I know of
to get a clean burn of the DVD. After that, everything worked fine.

My advice:
 - Get the most recommended/best DVD media you can
 - Slow it up. Burn at a slow rate (IMO produces a higher quality/better
burn of DVD)


> I see a problem which may be identical to the original report, but the
> solution discovered does not fit.
> Fedora-11-i386-DVD.iso has precisely the correct checksum after download.
> Burn to DVD, boot, fails media test. Reboot to old system and run this:
> # dd if=/dev/cdrom | sha256sum
> 6e812e782e52b536c0307bb26b3c244e1c42b644235f5a4b242786b1ef375358  -
> 7194980+0 records in
> 7194980+0 records out
> 3683829760 bytes (3.7 GB) copied, 508.484 s, 7.2 MB/s
> Also the correct checksum and precisely the correct size. All this done
> using the same drive. New ideas?
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