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Re: F11 dvd media errors

On 06/12/2009 11:46 AM, Chris Adams wrote:
Once upon a time, Patrick O'Callaghan<pocallaghan gmail com>  said:
Interesting thought. In fact there's no reason an install DVD can't
offer you stuff that's not physically present. ...

Um, I'm pretty sure it already does that.  The network repos are listed,
you just have to click to enable them.

Yep. I saw that you could enable other repos during the f11 install.

What Alan is talking about is a little more difficult, because you'd
have to have the network as a fall-back for the local media....

A fallback would be slick, but I'd be happy it it would just stop installing packages and do whatever final set up is needed to leave a bootable, if not entirely complete, system.

Of course, if a critical package(s) is missing it won't boot, but IME, most media errors come late in the install after all the critical stuff is already loaded. Better to end up with a system that I could at least try to boot, and then decide how to proceed. Instead, the system is a brick until the problem is diagnosed (drive? disk?) and fixed.

Even "Abort, Retry, Ignore?" was better than a halt and a dead box.


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