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Re: cnn.com video weirdness solved (though not understood)

On Thursday 11 June 2009 18:17:44 Tom Horsley wrote:
> Something in my old .mozilla directory was apparently preventing
> me from seeing cnn.com video. I could look at youtube, videos
> from the mythbusters site, etc, just never got anything to work
> on cnn.com.
> I could even chroot to my old fedora 10 root and run firefox from
> there and see cnn.com videos fine.
> Anyway, whatever the heck was going on, starting with a fresh
> .mozilla directory made things all better (but I can't
> imagine why cnn was singled out - is fedora project
> sponsored by fox news maybe? :-).

I had the same situation - I could see flash videos from anywhere else, but 
not from cn.  I tried your solution, and the cnn link I had still didn't work.  
Then I whitelisted cnn.com in FlashBlock, and now it works.

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