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Re: OpenJDK / IcedTea is ###p

I did installed Sun JDK, and also I added it to the alternatives, but it looks like, that there is no way to get rid of OpenJDK: If you tries to install maven2 with yum, it will still download the openjdk, even if there is no need to do that (in alternatives Sun JDK is the only possibility). What am I doing wrong? And why am I using Sun JDK? Because it's waaaay faster, then the OpenJDK, and GlassFish is much more stable on it...


2009-06-12 23:45 keltezéssel, Robert L Cochran írta:
Arduino software (from http://www.arduino.cc/ ) needs the Sun Java
version to run properly. This is what the Java alternatives system is
for. You can install the Sun JDK yourself and add it to the alternatives
and then make it your default Java system. I also need Sun Java for
work-related projects. I think the reality is, most people still do have
a real and pressing need (think "paycheck" and "promotion") for the Sun
Java version.


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