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Re: Fresh Fedora 11 fetches 362MB+ of updates, where's deltaRPM?

Fernando Cassia spake thusly:

> Okay,
> Just got Fedora 11 installed on a fresh partition in one of my desktops.
> Coming from Fedora 10 and its default bright blue desktop
> background and loading screen, I found the default desktop wallpaper in
> Fedora 11 to be absolutely sucide-inducing. Wasn't there a more pale
> version possible? Perhaps dark gray or just black?. *sarcasm*

> So far so good. OO.o 3.1 is very snappy. The "beta" tag in the main
> browser (FF) looks a bit unprofessional. Anyway, SeaMonkey has been
> installed to solve it. :)

That's because it's a beta. Would you rather they hide that fact?

Fedora is known as a "cutting (or even bleeding)-edge" distro. If you 
want a default browser that's not a beta I might suggest another 
distro. :)
> Evolution as the default e-mail client is also irking to me, but nothing
> that SeaMonkey can't solve. :p

What is your point here? You sound like you've been using Fedora for a 
while now. And if you're installing GNOME you will get Evolution with it. 
Evolution is part of GNOME and is included by default.  Fedora prides 
itself on making few modifications to upstream sources.

I don't like Evolution, either, so I "yum install thunderbird". BFD...

FWIW, Seamokey is soooo 20th century (but then that's what makes the 
world go round and it's why you can choose the app that meets your needs, 
default or not).

I don't like Rhythmbox, so I uninstall it and install Exaile. Big woop.



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