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Re: Other host already uses address -

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
It's difficult without the ethernet connection,
Wait a moment - are you trying to bring up both eth0 and eth1 on the
same network? The pan0 is not the second NIC. I don't remember what
it is off hand...

As far as moving messages from one computer to another when having
network problems, I find saving the output to a PEN drive, or flash
memory card and moding that to another machine works well. (Kind of
like the old "sneaker net" that consisted of moving floppies from
machine to machine... :-)


       After struggling to get the USB thumb drive working so I could
       transfer files between boxes by that primitive means I suddenly
       have eth0 working and an internet connection. It's busy doing an
       F-10 update, about one third of the way through the list
       already. Of course it does the smallest files first so it will
       take some time to complete but this is a quantum step forward.

       I'm still puzzling over what caused things to begin working.

       All my installs recently have been via the LiveCD and internet
       to yum is essential to get everything I want installed.

       For the moment all is well.

       Thanks for the help.


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