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Re: scim and keyboard input issues still

On Sun, 2009-06-14 at 08:17 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
> > F10 - KDE
> >
> > I am pretty much working but since I installed scim and am switching
> > between Chinese and English, I can no longer use some of my keys...
> >
> > <DELETE>     doesn't appear to do anything
> > <Arrow Up>   doesn't appear to do anything
> > <Arrow Down> appears to perform like pressing <Enter>
> >
> > yet if I open xev, I can see the keycodes are being sent.
> >
> > and if I quit scim, it doesn't fix anything.
> >
> > I think this happened once I configured KDE systemsettings and added
> > Chinese language but I removed it now and still, no change. Setup in
> > systemsettings/Region & Language only shows US English and keyboard is
> > still Evdev-managed keyboard and only USA layout.
> >   
> Well....
> I don't have your problems but I don't have your settings either....
> In "Region & Language" I have nothing installed.  Above the box were
> languages would be listed it shows: "Country or Region: Not set (Generic
> English).  My keyboard layout is "Disabled".
> > So I can't figure out that even if I apparently quit scim and put things
> > back to normal now in KDE systemsettings, why can I not use some of my
> > keys?
I think it can only be caused by either a settings change or a package
installation and knowing that the key behavior is both GNOME & KDE
(happens in Evolution, OpenOffice, Konsole and every other program I
try), I don't think this is a systemsettings thing but I removed the
Chinese keyboard in Regional & Language/Keyboard and unset the country
or region setting to 'not set (Generic English)' like yours. I cannot
remove the US English installed language and have logged off and logged
back on but no change.

these are the only packages that I have installed in the past few


Thanks...I am at a loss as to what is causing this but it's irritating
not to be able to use the 'delete' key.

On the bright side, I can type Chinese...well in the same sense that
Bill Murray could play the piano because his father was a piano mover.


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