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Re: Fresh Fedora 11 fetches 362MB+ of updates, where's deltaRPM?

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 6:50 PM, Scott Beamer <geekboy angrykeyboarder com> wrote:
Fernando Cassia spake thusly:

> Okay,
> Just got Fedora 11 installed on a fresh partition in one of my desktops.
> Coming from Fedora 10 and its default bright blue desktop
> background and loading screen, I found the default desktop wallpaper in
> Fedora 11 to be absolutely sucide-inducing. Wasn't there a more pale
> version possible? Perhaps dark gray or just black?. *sarcasm*

> So far so good. OO.o 3.1 is very snappy. The "beta" tag in the main
> browser (FF) looks a bit unprofessional. Anyway, SeaMonkey has been
> installed to solve it. :)

That's because it's a beta. Would you rather they hide that fact?

Of course I have no power and I´m not part of any decision making process at Fedora (luckily, you´ll surely say ;-P). I´ll tell you how I´d have done it: If at time of release of Fedora "x" the latest version available is beta, I´d ship the latest non-beta and the beta. In this case, FF 3.0.11 and 3.5b4, letting the user choose which one to keep (or both, for testing purposes).
Fedora is known as a "cutting (or even bleeding)-edge" distro. If you
want a default browser that's not a beta I might suggest another
distro. :)

Besides the browser, how many  applications are included in F11 which are labeled beta?.
Just curious.
> Evolution as the default e-mail client is also irking to me, but nothing
> that SeaMonkey can't solve. :p

What is your point here? You sound like you've been using Fedora for a
while now. And if you're installing GNOME you will get Evolution with it.
Evolution is part of GNOME and is included by default.

Dude, what is *your* point?. I was just saying my POV of what I like and dislike so far of F11. It is not an attack on Fedora, but rather what I like and dislike of it.

I used Fedora 10 before, and Blag (based on Fedora Core 6) before that.

I don't like Evolution, either, so I "yum install thunderbird". BFD...

Good for you.
FWIW, Seamokey is soooo 20th century (but then that's what makes the
world go round and it's why you can choose the app that meets your needs,
default or not).

:-P Have fun running two copies of the gecko engine to have FF and Thunderbird open at once... now that´s the 21th century way... wasting RAM... (no need to answer, I´m just pulling your leg).

I just find Evolution slow and bloated. The fact that it´s part of the Gnome project means nothing. Other distros based on Gnome have shipped with different email client as default.

Now moving this conversation to a more positive tone, what I´d like to see:

Two simple screens during install letting you choose web browser and email client, explaining the features of the most popular choices. You know, to make things easier for newbies escaping the  Vista-Win7 world.

All this, of course, in the spirit of making Fedora a good challenger to Ubuntu.

If you look here:
you will see that point #10 of this F11 post-install guide is replacing Evolution with TB....

Anyway, there´s no point in continuing the argument. Specially after I just paid attention to your domain name.


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