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Re: Other host already uses address -

Partha wrote:
On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 04:07:33PM -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
       I am still running F-10, I will wait until things settle down to
       try F-11 otherwise I burn up a lot of bandwidth doing updates
       over and over. I have a satellite system for my internet
       connection and I am limited to 17 gigs download per month. In
       fact we had heavy rain this afternoon and the signal was blocked
       by the rain for about two hours.

       The computer with the problems is a new [to me] used computer
       with a new LiveCD Gnome install.

About that , now f-11 has deltarpms you don't have to worry about that. On my fresh livecd gnome install the update size was 81M but thanks to presto it only downloaded 10M which amounts to 90% savings ! except the anaconda storage bugs and soundcard not working i am quite impressed with f-11 it is definitely snappier and better than f-10.

       I am glad to hear that! I will install F-11 as soon as the furor
       dies down. At the moment I have three running F-10 but will
       eventually upgrade one, and then all ... I did a "preupgrade>
       from 9 to 10 on one computer and lost everything when it did not
       complete ... fortunately I had most but not all files backed up!

       Each new distro has been better than the preceding one though.



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