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Re: F11: Resume from hibernate on X61 laptop.

Fernando Cassia wrote:
On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Jason Ish <ish unx ca
<mailto:ish unx ca>> wrote:
    I'm hoping I just missed something here.  I recently installed F11
    on my Lenovo X61 laptop without a swap partition, I've since added
    one (and set it up in /etc/fstab) as I'd like hibernate to work.

    Currently hibernate will go down, but it will not come back.  When
    booting up, the swap part of the init process just says something
    about user space swap data found, reinitializing.

    Did not installing swap from the beginning cause an issue here?  I
    ask, b/c suspend and hibernate just worked on this laptop with F9
    and F10.
I have installed Fedora 11 with a 200 MB /boot, 25 Gig EXT4 root, and
1.5 Gig Swap partition.

Hibernate starts, and works. But upon resume, I get a black screen and a
stuck mouse pointer, with some disk activity every minute or so.

There seems to be a problem with certain kernels, I haven't upgraded yet to F11, but on CentOS 5.4pre, there are also some problems with the newest kernel, try a different kernel (older or even newer) and do as Tim suggested add resume=<your swap location or partition> in /boot/grub/grub.conf at the end of the kernel line, however this is not a requirement

Toshaan <toshlinux gmail com> - http://www.toshaan.be

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