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Re: Repolist Problem

On 14.06.2009 15:15, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Jun 2009 12:35:47 +0200, Thorsten wrote:
>>> Livna has discontinued its service long ago
>> Not really true, as I'd call this
>>> and only provides a single package in its repos.
>> as service ;-)
> Splitting-hairs.

Well, I added a smiley, but "discontinued" nevertheless is not the case
afaics -- especially as I've heard that livna will continue to support
new Fedora and EL releases. And in fact support for EL is even something
Livna didn't offer in the past.

>>> There is no Fedora 11 repo at Livna yet.
>> That's untrue, there are repos that work fine with rawhide and F11 for a
>> long time.
>> The user seems to use a old and outdated repo file -- I guess he had not
>> configured livna properly (e.g. using the livna-release rpm) or he
>> didn't merge rpmnew files.
>> Note that
>> http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/
>> is old, outdated and unmainted
> That's bad and misleading, too.

And your suggestion is what? Remove all the old stuff? I guess the users
on old and outdated releases won't like that (but not sure if the livna
maintainers should care).

>> and what livna does now is in
>> http://rpm.livna.org/repo/
>>> As a
>>> work-around, you can edit your /etc/yum.repos/*livna*.repo files and
>>> replace $release with 10.
>> Real solution: Do "rm -rf /etc/yum.repos/*livna*.repo" and then enable
>> rpm.livna.org as decsribed on http://rpm.livna.org
> http://rpm.livna.org/mirrorlist
>  and
> http://ftp-stud.fht-esslingen.de/pub/Mirrors/rpm.livna.org/mirrorlist
> point to at least one mirror that only carries '5' and '8':
> http://wftp.tu-chemnitz.de/pub/linux/livna/repo/
> Way too confusing the deeper one looks into it.

I guess it's a simple mirror problem as livna afaics works with symlinks
that some mirrors afaics don't retrieve.


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