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Re: F11 bind-chroot - a question?

Tom Horsley wrote:
> Why not just *always* run bind chroot?

I'm guessing it's because, in general, Fedora is moving away from
chroot and toward SELinux to provide extra security for these sorts of

> Have the files live in /var/named, then updates just update the one
> and only copy in /var/named? If someone somewhere really and truly
> doesn't want to run chroot, provide a --prefix option in named so he
> can tell it the config files are relative to /var/named instead of
> relative to /, but in any case the config files always live in one
> and only one place.

That sounds like it would entail a similar amount of extra work and
chances for introducing bugs that the bind-chroot-admin script had.
If the bind daemon really is only trusted by admins when it is in a
chroot, it might be a good reason to look at alternative DNS server
software. :)

I don't personally have much interest in this, but if other folks do,
I'm sure suggestions in patch form would be taken more seriously by
the bind maintainers (preferably upstream).

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