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Re: Can Fedora 11 Mount an SCO OpenServer 5 (HTFS) disk?

On 06/14/2009 09:51 AM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
Robert L Cochran wrote:
I need to mount an SCO OpenServer 5 (HTFS) disk on Fedora 11. I think I can image the source hard drive to a USB flash drive and then just plug the drive into my Fedora 11 laptop. Will Fedora 11 mount the OpenServer partitions automatically, or do I need to enable this and compile the kernel first? I don't imagine OpenServer boxes are all over the place, but I stumbled into this one. (Smile).

The information in /proc/filesystems should reflect the capabilities in the kernel, I don't remember if the modules need to be loaded to show capabilities. Modules are in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/fs and I don't see HTFS although the name might be different.

Thank you, I learned something from you. I'm not sure if SCO OpenServer 5 is an htfs or a ufs filesystem. I read references to both on the web when I Google. I see ufs listed in this directory

/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/fs

So maybe the next time I am with that OpenServer box I can copy its file system and plug it into Fedora 11 and see what will happen. I'm not averse to compiling the kernel if I must.


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