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Re: Updates

2009/6/14 Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>:
> On 06/14/2009 11:35 PM, Martín Marqués wrote:
>> 2009/6/14 Rahul Sundaram
>>> # yum list installed | grep fc10
>>> remove them manually if needed
>> Carefull. Rahul said "if needed". Some packages in F11 are named fc10,
>> asw they are packages that haven't changed and so version name hasn't
>> changed as well.
>> Just so you don't end up removeing packages like unique or libdhcp4client..
> The former has a Fedora 11 version. The latter is obsolete.

Where is the F11 version of unique - I don't see it...

Also, what about these?

[sam samlap ~]$ sudo yum list | grep fc10
axis.x86_64                           1.2.1-4.1.fc10              fedora
axis-javadoc.x86_64                   1.2.1-4.1.fc10              fedora
axis-manual.x86_64                    1.2.1-4.1.fc10              fedora
castor.x86_64                         0.9.5-3.fc10                fedora
castor-demo.x86_64                    0.9.5-3.fc10                fedora
castor-doc.x86_64                     0.9.5-3.fc10                fedora
castor-javadoc.x86_64                 0.9.5-3.fc10                fedora
castor-test.x86_64                    0.9.5-3.fc10                fedora
castor-xml.x86_64                     0.9.5-3.fc10                fedora
compat-db.x86_64                      4.6.21-5.fc10               fedora
compat-db46.x86_64                    4.6.21-5.fc10               fedora
cowbell.x86_64                        0.3-0.svn34.4.fc10          fedora
fityk.i386                            0.8.1-14.fc10               fedora
fityk.x86_64                          0.8.1-14.fc10               fedora
fityk-devel.i386                      0.8.1-14.fc10               fedora
fityk-devel.x86_64                    0.8.1-14.fc10               fedora
fpc.x86_64                            2.2.2-3.fc10                fedora
fpc-doc.x86_64                        2.2.2-3.fc10                fedora
fpc-src.x86_64                        2.2.2-3.fc10                fedora
geronimo-specs.x86_64                 1.0-2.M2.fc10               fedora
geronimo-specs-compat.x86_64          1.0-2.M2.fc10               fedora
htmlparser.noarch                     1.6-3.fc10                  fedora
htmlparser-javadoc.noarch             1.6-3.fc10                  fedora
klear.x86_64                          0.7.0-2.svn113.fc10         fedora
labrea.x86_64                         2.5.1-2.fc10                fedora
libtar.i386                           1.2.11-11.fc10              fedora
libtar-devel.i386                     1.2.11-11.fc10              fedora
libtar-devel.x86_64                   1.2.11-11.fc10              fedora
msv-demo.x86_64                       1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-manual.x86_64                     1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-msv.x86_64                        1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-msv-javadoc.x86_64                1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-relames.x86_64                    1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-relames-javadoc.x86_64            1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-rngconv.x86_64                    1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-xmlgen.x86_64                     1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-xmlgen-javadoc.x86_64             1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-xsdlib.x86_64                     1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
msv-xsdlib-javadoc.x86_64             1:1.2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 fedora
orpie.x86_64                          1.5.1-4.fc10                fedora
raine.i386                            0.50.11-4.fc10
streamdvd.x86_64                      0.4-8.fc10                  rpmfusion-free
streamdvd-gui.x86_64                  0.4-8.fc10                  rpmfusion-free
streamdvd-streamanalyze.x86_64        0.4-8.fc10                  rpmfusion-free
subtitleripper.x86_64                 0.3-6.fc10                  rpmfusion-free
tagsoup.x86_64                        1.0.1-2.2.fc10              fedora
tagsoup-javadoc.x86_64                1.0.1-2.2.fc10              fedora


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