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Re: Updates

2009/6/14 Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>:
> On 06/14/2009 11:51 PM, Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
>> Where is the F11 version of unique - I don't see it...
> # rpm -q unique
> unique-1.0.4-4.fc11.i586
>> Also, what about these?
>> [sam samlap ~]$ sudo yum list | grep fc10
> I don't have time to check on every one of them for you but look up in
> http://koji.fedoraproject.org for official packages if you are not sure.
> Check your repo list and mirror settings as well.

I checked a random few (I'm very confident there is nothing wrong with
my settings).


Note that the version of all the msv packages is in F11 is
2-0.2.20050722.3.4.fc10 - because it's tagged as in f11-final. This is
probably because the build of msv-1.2-0.3.20050722.3.4.fc11 failed
according to Koji. The package called "orpie" is in the same state and
so is libtar. The list goes on...

So, the outcome is that there are genuine packages in F11 that are
tagged as fc10 - I can check more cases if you are still not sure.


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