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Re: Repolist Problem

On 14.06.2009 17:19, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Jun 2009 09:49:41 -0500, Bruno wrote:
>> Looking in http://rpm.livna.org/repo I see:
> That's not the same than the previous location
> ( http://rpm.livna.org/fedora ) which users may have
> used as baseurls in their .repo files or in bookmarks.
>> (Also I think there are sym links involved here that you can see with
>> rsync, but not http.)
> Such symlinks would be useless if Yum could not see them either. ;)

Seems they were replaced and now things are hardlinked, which likely is
the reason why the file dates are new.

> [...]
>> The timestamp is from today, so this might be a pretty recent change.
> The corresponding livna-release package is from Dec last year.
> When changing file locations so drastically, one should remove
> old documentation and any pointers to the old locations in order
> to make the new location much easier to find.

Well, I guess it's the usual "errors get made and no one noticed". But
it seems your suggestions were at least partly heard and realized.


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