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Re: sha256sun

Around 07:20pm on Sunday, June 14, 2009 (UK time), terry scrawled:

> Not quite. You want to -c against the small CHECKSUM file, which contains
> a list of ISOs and their sha256sums. For example:
> $ sha256sum -c Fedora-11-i386-CHECKSUM

> I don't get it! you want me to match a downloadable checksum text file
> to what? how do i get the numbers from the iso file to check against
> the checksums? you are not telling me  all. you are falsely assuming i
> know more than i do.am I not trying to match the checksums with what
> the developer says they are to be against what the file contains to
> insure that the iso file isn't corrupted and reduce later grief during
> install.

The CHECKSUM file has both the name of the iso and its expected checksum
in it.

So the command:

        $ sha256sum -c Fedora-11-i386-CHECKSUM

Causes it to look fat the iso in whose name is in the checksum file,
generate a checksum for it and compare that generated checksum against
the expected one that is held in the CHECKSUM file.


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