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Re: Fresh Fedora 11 fetches 362MB+ of updates, where's deltaRPM?

Fernando Cassia Wrote:


> :-P Have fun running two copies of the gecko engine to have FF and
> Thunderbird open at once...

See Rahul's reply.  And FWIW, I have 8GB of RAM. :)

> I just find Evolution slow and bloated. The fact that it´s part of the
> Gnome project means nothing.

I agree. It's GNOME's answer to Microsoft Office Outlook.

> Other distros based on Gnome have shipped
> with different email client as default.

I don't doubt it, but I've not seen it in Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, 
openSUSE or Ubumntu.

Now that I think of it, OpenSolaris includes both Evolution and 

But again, Fedora prides itself on little deviation from upstream. 

> Now moving this conversation to a more positive tone, what I´d like to
> see:

Sorry about my tone. I was having a bad day. My apologies.

> Two simple screens during install letting you choose web browser and
> email client, explaining the features of the most popular choices.

I think that would ultimately bog things down. It creates bloat in the 
installation process.

What they could do, is what Ubuntu has been doing lately. And that is to 
include the current stable version of Firefox in the default installation 
AND offer the beta in the repository. 

But Ubuntu is "safer" than Fedora.  For example, the recent version of 
Mandriva was released in April with ext4 ad the default filesystem.  
Ubuntu was released a few weeks later and stuck with 3xt3.  Fedora 11 has 
ext4 by default as well.

Ubuntu aims for a combination of ease of use and stability.

Fedora is often the first to offer the latest software and technologies 
(hence my cutting-edge" remark in my previous message)..

I for one, am glad Fedora went with the Firefox 3.5 beta. RC1 is supposed 
to be out next week. Therefore it shouldn't be long before thee final 
version is released. 

I find the beta to be very stable right now and it's faster than 3.0.x. 


> You know, to make things easier for newbies escaping the  Vista-Win7 

I'm one of those seemingly rare individuals who dislikes all (current) 
operating systems equally.  Therefore I regularly use both Linux and 
Windows (I  switched from Vista to Win 7 several months ago and I love it).

As for Linux, I run several different distros in virtual machines, but 
Fedora is my primary and is installed on the hard drive.

I was a die hard Ubuntu fan for a few years but got tired of Debian/
Ubuntu's lack of x86 support in their X86_64 distros, so I came back to 
Fedora (my first choice of RPM-based distros).

But I digress....


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