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Re: Updates

2009/6/14 Sharpe, Sam J <sam sharpe+lists redhat gmail com>:
> 2009/6/14 Martín Marqués <martin marques gmail com>:
>> I saw the same thing happen with ntp.
> Yes.
> You freeze Rawhide as you are about to release Fedora n+1, at the
> point you freeze, applications are roughly at the same version levels
> as those in Fedora n. You make some updates to Fedora n in response to
> bugs or security issues, but you don't want to prejudice your Fedora
> n+1 testing cycle, so you queue the same updates for *after* Fedora
> n+1 releases.
> Someone then runs pre-upgrade from Fedora n to Fedora n+1, at which
> point any package in Fedora n which is newer than the package of the
> same name in Fedora n+1 is not replaced - so you end up with a small
> number of packages from "Fedora n - Updates" in your Fedora n+1
> install.

This breaks anaconda upgrades (at least in this case ntp didn't work,
and updates were in testing-updates), given they are by preupgrade or
by upgrading with DVD.

Not the best idea.

Martín Marqués
select 'martin.marques' || '@' || 'gmail.com'
DBA, Programador, Administrador

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