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Fedora 10->11 Preupgrade Failure. Franken-system.


I have an IBM x3650 that was running F10. I initiated preupgrade-cli for F11, which downloaded packages and rebooted the box. Preupgrade came up in GUI mode, but for whatever reason the Radeon R100 card was excruciatingly slow and this somehow affected the speed of installing packages. It took nearly 16 HOURS for the upgrade packages to install (99.999% CPU idle, barely any disk activity) -- keep in mind this is an 8 core server and is connected to a high-speed RAID-6 storage system.

After the ~1800 of ~1800 packages were installed, it opened the "Please wait while setup is finished. This may take a while" dialog. This sat for 24 HOURS without completing. At this point, I rebooted the machine because this is a quasi-production QA box and I had people that needed access to it.

The upgrade seemingly went well despite, and it booted up. However there are some particularities. Yum lists both the F10 and F11 packages as installed. One area that seemed to be affected is Java/Eclipse. It is much slower than it should/used to be.

There are two problems here:
1) KMS or DRM, or most likely the radeon video driver are faulty. The textmode framebuffer worked at full speed. Further, why does preupgrade-cli even start Xwindows? Why would the speed of X determine how fast Anaconda ran background tasks? There was nothing interesting in the upgrade logs, dmesg, etc :-(.

2) I now have a franken-system that seemingly has both F10 and F11 versions of packages installed. How can I manually clean this up?


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