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Help! luks & partitions

  Help please, I cannot boot...
    I had a messy setup with multiple partitions. I deleted one
(/dev/sda6 I think) and gparted renumbered the ones after it, so now
I have 1-8, with no missing hole.
  This kills my boot.
I had a grub entry like:

title Fedora
   root (hd0,6)
  kernel /vmlinuxXX root=/dev/mapper/luks-YYY rhgb quiet
  initrd /initrdXXX.img

This does nothing; I editted the (hd0,6) into (hd0,5) and it simply
asks for the luks password over and over.
I can boot in with a rescue cd or live cd; the rescue cd creates the luks
entry the same point in /dev/mapper, so I don't know what is wrong with
my boot sequence.

  Is there a way to check where grub puts my luks?
  Or is there a way to get back my old partition numbering, inserting
 a new partition in between 2 existing ones in number?
Or should I try to make a new grub.conf - how did f11 make the existing one anyway?
  Or some other solution?

 Thanks for any help!

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