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how to preserve original file names when using genisoimage ?

i am trying to create a iso image of a directory which is full of movies,songs etc with genisoimage. But the problem is after creating the image and burning it with wodim and mounting it, i find the filenames are truncated.

even using "genisoimage -o <isoname> -JR <directory>" does not correct it. from the man page of genisoimage,

"Each  file  written  to the ISO9660 filesystem must have a filename in the 8.3 format (up to 8 characters,
       period, up to 3 characters, all uppercase), even if Rock Ridge is in use.  This filename is used  on  sys-
       tems  that  are  not  able to make use of the Rock Ridge extensions (such as MS-DOS), and each filename in
       each directory must be different from the other filenames in the same  directory.   genisoimage  generally
       tries  to  form  correct  names  by forcing the Unix filename to uppercase and truncating as required, but
       often this yields unsatisfactory results when the truncated names are not all unique.  genisoimage assigns
       weightings  to  each  filename,  and if two names that are otherwise the same are found, the name with the
       lower priority is renamed to include a 3-digit number (guaranteed to be unique).   For  example,  the  two
       files foo.bar and foo.bar.~1~ could be rendered as FOO.BAR;1 and FOO000.BAR;1"

but i am able to solve the problem by using isomaster.But i prefer cli to gui and so i want to know if there is any way to do the same with genisoimage or is there another cli iso creator application that does it without hassle ?

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