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Re: linux kernel developement

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, gmspro wrote:

> Hi,
> I know C++.How can I be a linux developer or linux kernel developer?
> What do I have to learn for this?I am a newbie.

  this is at least the second time you've used this mailing list to
ask an exceptionally trivial and/or badly-defined question.  you need
to stop asking questions like this and do some *reading*.  install
linux and start playing with it.  do this for *a while* until you have
at least a basic idea of what's going on.  find the appropriate
mailing lists, join them, and *listen* for a while.

  i hate to sound this critical, but it's obvious that you have very
little idea about what linux is all about, given that you claim to
know C++, then ask about being a kernel developer, apparently without
knowing that the kernel is not written in C++.  (and, *please*, do not
let your next question be, "why not?"  that way lies massive public

  do some research on your own, and don't abuse this list with wildly
vague and ill-defined questions like, "how can i be a linux
developer?"  if you have to *ask* that question, you really don't know
what's involved and you have work to do.


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