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Re: Are you using Eclipse ?

I'm using Eclipse because everybody else uses it my department, but try not to use whenever I can. I find it way too heavy, like all java applications. I guess what the others around here like about it is the fact that it's free, it does a lot of things (and it actually does!) and can be used on Windows (few of us use Linux, so it allows for some homogeneity). Personally, I prefer using my tools separately: a small editor like vi and calling make directly on the command line. It's useful for debugging, it's true, but even there I'd rather use something else (ddd is very interesting).

Ah yes, I use it for embedded microcontroller programming, mainly with ARM.

Please send us a link to your work when it's done if you can.


Chitlesh GOORAH escreveu:
Hello there,

I'm thinking to write an article about the features Fedora users like
in Eclipse.

Can you tell me where are you using eclipse and why ?

I am currently packaging veditor plugin for Fedora which will enhance
digital IC design experience. Eclipse bundled with Fedora Electronic
Lab livedvd simplifies embedded design while working with


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