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Fedora 11 UTF-8 and fonts (clearcase and citrix ICAClient, and maybe motif in general?)

Hi all,
I posted this on fedoraforum.org when I was testing the preview F11
and just did again to see if anyone using F11 release has any ideas,
but I thought I'd try the mailing list as well:

*** post from fedora forum ***
The Citrix ICAClient and clearcase gui tools don't launch properly. I
get the following:
Class: XmRendition
Conversion failed. Cannot load font.

on the console in a nice steady stream. Citrix's wfica just fails to
launch, and the wfcmgr is missing all fonts. Clearcase gui tools
complains that it's unable to create a text drawing font set and the
tools exit.

I can workaround the problem two ways, one LANG=C instead of
en_US.UTF-8 or removing the cjk fonts, specifically, the following two

Any ideas on other solutions for this problem?
*** end post from fedora forum ***

Does anyone have any thoughts about this, the clearcase gui tools and
ICAClient are the only two motif applications I have readily available
to test (wish those would just move off motif, but I'm doubting that
IBM will do anythign with clearcase anytime remotely soon).

Just looking for general ideas on how to troubleshoot this.  I don't
understand font loading anymore, especially with the UTF-8 encoding
stuff, so I don't know why LANG=C would actually allow this to work.
Can anyone provide a short primer on how that works, or let me know
what's a good tool to try to debug font loading and find out what
fonts it either can't load, or can't find?


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