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Re: Are there any BMR (bare metal restore) style apps for linux

2009/6/15 Gabriel - IP Guys <Gabriel impactteachers com>:
> Thank you for taking the time to read  my email, I’m looking for a BMR app
> for fedora, so that I can at least have the piece of mind that I can rebuild
> within an hour rather than a day or so. I’ve looked at Amanda, but I’m wary
> about the BMR capabilities, any hints or tips?

1) make sure your machine is built using Kickstart and your favourite
method of booting (I like PXE).
2) Make sure your machine is backed up with any software you like.
3) When your machine dies, rebuild it with the previous kickstart.
4) Restore the data to your kickstarted machine with your favourite
backup software.
5) Profit!!!!

(Seriously, I've done this - admittedly using Symantec Networker as
the "favourite backup software" - and it is way way less headache than
any other BMR method)


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