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Re: VirtualBox, Linux, ethernet question...

If you're using the VM in NAT mode, then you can't reach the guest network device (or vice versa) by default with SSH or any other type of mode. Here is a tutorial to make the SSH working (host can access to the guest):


2009-06-15 22:51 keltezéssel, Yoram Halberstam írta:
Errrr.... At the risk of being shot I'll say that there a lot of smart
and easy thing on linux compare to windows, installing virtualbox and
running and general gui config are not one of them!

Thanks also, I may not be a wizz kid but I do go on google (and I
wouldn't be there if I found the answers)... anyway all of this to
realise that I did configure everything from the GUI already (I think).
I prefer GUI than command line ;-)

So now I used host -only and I used bridge... both work, (I realised
eth0 was disabled) - with vboxnet0 and eth1 respectively I can
communicate back to the host but not into the virtualbox Suse.... Any
hint sir? (I've tried ssh)

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