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Re: How to stop pulseaudio (Was: No audio on F11 and pulseaudio questions)

2009/6/14 Patrick <fedora-list puzzled xs4all nl>:
> Don't know if this has already been suggested. If so please ignore the
> noise. I also did not have audio after doing a clean F11 install. The
> solution for me was to go to System --> Preferences -> Advanced Volume
> Control. Next open the Preferences, enable Surround and drag the slider
> upwards. Also make sure the other sliders like Master, PCM, Front and CD
> are near the top. This fixed sound for me.

Thanks all. I did try the Advanced Volume Control - in fact I had to
do that as well because my sound card had the incorrect channels
configured for the default volume slider.

Just for the record - to stop pulseaudio from respawning in F11, edit
/etc/pulse/client.conf and add "autospawn = no". Then you can do
"pulseaudio -k" to kill it.

This got sound working again for me - although obviously without the
features that pulse gives. It seems my sound card is incorrectly
configured - I'm currently trying to decipher the alsa sound card
config format. Not much fun!

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