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Re: Are there any BMR (bare metal restore) style apps for linux

Also G4U. I tend to use G4U right away when I must work on someone else's system. I run off a clone of the hard drive to one of my spares. It is so nice having those clones for "CYA" purposes.
ddrescue is great for drives which are ready to crash and show bad sectors
Testdisk and Photorec are both pretty amazing at recovering lost partitions and recovering deleted files, respectively.


On 06/15/2009 01:08 PM, Kam Leo wrote:
On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 8:41 AM, Gabriel - IP
Guys<Gabriel impactteachers com>  wrote:
Dear All,

Thank you for taking the time to read  my email, I’m looking for a BMR app
for fedora, so that I can at least have the piece of mind that I can rebuild
within an hour rather than a day or so. I’ve looked at Amanda, but I’m wary
about the BMR capabilities, any hints or tips?

Kind Regards,

Mr Gabriel

What you are looking for is disk imaging software. Try Ghost for Linux
(G4L), http://sourceforge.net/projects/g4l

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