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F11 firefox with proxy still sends host name lookups

Hi -

With a proxy enabled in firefox for all procotols, I still see domain name
queries on my system while (only) browsing. This did not happen with
Fedora 9 and firefox (not sure what version of firefox is in F9).

That is, the http requests go to one network, but domain requests are
still seen on the other (VPN) network. Even with the VPN disconnected, I
see the same behavior. I don't want to send general http browsing requests
via VPN (though some http requests must still go through the VPN).

The domain name requests are sent a bit after the http requests (with the
proxy on). The results must be cached, since they aren't sent for every
page load.

Any ideas what is sending the requests?

Is this because of some new firefox or other new feature?

I disabled the firefox "block reported attack sites" and "block reported
web forgeries", with no change.

-- Patrick Mansfield

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