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Re: VirtualBox, Linux, ethernet question...

Hi Peter,

I'm using it in Bridge Mode or Host-Only - neither works.

It maybe a fallback solution to try NAT and try to set it up so that I can get into the virtualbox via TCP... I'll try tonight if I'm not getting anywhere. thanks for your help!

2009/6/15 Major Péter <majorpetya sch bme hu>
If you're using the VM in NAT mode, then you can't reach the guest network device (or vice versa) by default with SSH or any other type of mode. Here is a tutorial to make the SSH working (host can access to the guest):


2009-06-15 22:51 keltezéssel, Yoram Halberstam írta:

Errrr.... At the risk of being shot I'll say that there a lot of smart
and easy thing on linux compare to windows, installing virtualbox and
running and general gui config are not one of them!

Thanks also, I may not be a wizz kid but I do go on google (and I
wouldn't be there if I found the answers)... anyway all of this to
realise that I did configure everything from the GUI already (I think).
I prefer GUI than command line ;-)

So now I used host -only and I used bridge... both work, (I realised
eth0 was disabled) - with vboxnet0 and eth1 respectively I can
communicate back to the host but not into the virtualbox Suse.... Any
hint sir? (I've tried ssh)


Yoram Halberstam
Computer Services Provider
MSN: netfever hotmail com

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