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Re: Root Access

Isn't there a way to say "run as administrator" in Linux...?

2009/6/14 Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>
>> I imagine the common problem being using a menu to fire off the things
>> you want to configure.

Steve Searle:
> Point taken, although I would have assumed it would be done from the
> command line.

Though they'd hardly need to log in graphically as root to do command
line work.  Two big problems for newcomers are knowing what commands
they'll need to use, and how to use the commands.

Graphical menus list what's available to you, and you can work out which
ones you need to use, if they're created sensibly (their naming,
additional pop-up menu hints, etc.). And well designed GUI tools should
be self explanatory (sensible named and grouped options, etc.).

To use a command line tool, you have to know the name of the command, in
the first place.  So prior experience, or good documentation is
required.  You can't get the experience from nowhere, and the
documentation is getting worse and worse.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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