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Re: Flashplayer crashes on initialization (i386)

2009/6/16 Frank Murphy <frankly3d gmail com>:
>>>> Is anyone else experiencing crashes like this?
> Can you maybe give the link to the particular flash content,
> If you feel comfortable with that?

Doesn't matter what content it is, take this link for instance:


The crash happens when the browser initializes the plugin, so it's not
related to any particular flash content (and I'm unable to try turning
off hardware acceleration to see if it might be nvidia related after
all). Curiously this does not happen in Opera which is my current
backup browser.

The plugin is dynamically linked with 50 (!) other libraries so the
new glibc and libstdc++ might be suspects. Without help from Adobe and
possibly nvidia I'm not able to debug this any further though.

Clemens/Demeter: Are you also using the nVidia proprietary drivers?
I'd like to eliminate those as a possible cause before filing a bug


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