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F11 moans

  Hello there,
I have a few regressions with F11 - maybe someone can help with 1 or 2?

a) Sound volume. Hard to quantify, but the max volume through the F11 sound
applet seems awfully low. Are there hidden settings somewhere?

b) Evolution exchange does not work. I have complained about this already.

c) kerneloops
   Always seems to be running on boot up. It consume 100% of a cpu core
for 10 -20 minutes before popping up a notification.
This may be due to LOTS of these messages:
Jun 16 15:34:07 hepntl141 kernel: [drm:drm_wait_vblank] *ERROR* failed to acquire vblank counter, -22

d) Fullscreen: no scaling. Any app wanting full-screen gets it, but an
'Intel Mobile 4' display with i915 driver does not scale, just use a small rectangle in
the center of the screen
[c) and d) are specific to my laptop. The others I can reproduce elsewhere]

e) virtual machines steal the sound. If I run a vm, then the host has no access to
the speaker any more.

   Any ideas on any of these?

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