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F11: Samsung laser printer no longer works: " client-error-document-format-not-supported"

Hi all,

Yesterday I upgraded my system from F10 to F11, and I now see my laser
printer no longer works; it is a Samsung ML-1640, which worked fine under
F10. Looking in /var/log/cups/error_log, I see the following lines:

D [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] [Job 287] Auto-typing file...
D [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] [Job 287] Request file type is
D [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] Send-Document
client-error-document-format-not-supported: Unsupported format
E [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] Returning IPP
client-error-document-format-not-supported for Send-Document
(ipp://localhost:631/printers/ML-1640-Series) from localhost
D [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] cupsdReadClient: 22 POST /jobs/ HTTP/1.1
D [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] cupsdAuthorize: No authentication data
D [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] Cancel-Job
I [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] [Job 287] Job canceled by "colin"
I [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] [Job 287] Canceled by "colin".
D [16/Jun/2009:15:30:14 +0200] Returning IPP successful-ok for Cancel-Job
(ipp://localhost:631/printers/ML-1640-Series) from localhost

This occurs printing from Abiword as well as trying to print a test page in
s-c-p. I tried reselecting the correct driver in the latter, but it made no

Any ideas?


  Colin Brace
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