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Re: Baffled by a Cable Modem

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 2:50 PM, <dnvot yahoo com> wrote:

> baffling to me. Most of the URLs I try result in firefox hanging at
> "loading" However Gmail works fine.

If GMail works then your connection works, period. The problem is
elsewhere in your software config.
"half-working" is not an option in the networking world. Either the
packets travel down the wire or they do not.

> see anything helpful. I did see one message that said the modem I have is
> "not compatible with Linux." although most of the talk was about a USB
> connection and I have ethernet.

If you have Ethernet, then no drivers are needed. Ethernet is
ethernet, I mean a standard, no matter if the device is a wireless
router, a wired one, a cablemodem or a DSL. For all the computer
cares, it's talking to a network device, using standard ethernet and

Two things come to mind: MTU size, and Mac address. You could also try
using a fixed IP address instead of DHCP to eliminate another layer of

Do you have the cable modem's IP address as the default router? That's
all you need, often.


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