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Re: Baffled by a Cable Modem

> I have been using Verizon DSL as my Internet connection for several years
> with no problems. I decided to upgrade my connection from .768 to 3 megs.
> after about three weeks multiple phone calls , two different modems,
> technician visit, line work and hours on the phone, I am now down to .6
> MB/sec. and the technician can't come again for another week. I will be
> just short of a month getting an upgrade.
>  I therfore decided to try Cox Cable high speed internet. I signed up ,
> installed the modem and went through the activation process in Windows
> XP.all right. When I try Linux/Firefox, I get a situation that is
> completly baffling to me. Most of the URLs I try result in firefox hanging
> at "loading" However Gmail works fine. I tried Cox support and they are
> very good at confirming that my hardware in windows is good, but they
> don't speak Linux.. I tried to look at the configuration values but
> couldn't see anything suspicious. If a config value is wrong I would
> expect that i wouldn't get Gmail.
>  Can anyone give me a clew on where to start? I tried google, but couldn't
> see anything
>  helpful. I did see one message that said the modem I have is "not
> compatible with Linux." although most of the talk was about a USB
> connection and I have ethernet. the modem is a Scientific Atlanta 2100.
> This may be off topic and I would apreciate redirection to a better group.
> I looked but didn't see one.

It sounds, to me, like you're connecting from your PC to the DSL modem,
and attempting to connect using PPOE software.

You may be better off using a router, instead...let it handle all the
authentication and negotiation, and just let your PC connect through the
router, and do what it does.
Mike Burger

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