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Re: Can't receive ROOT mail. Connection refused

> I have installed F11 on to my HP G5000 and trying to configure
> Evolution to read the local mail messages delivered to ROOT from my
> standard user account.

You should setup /etc/aliases to direct mail for root to a normal
user.  Something like this is near the bottom of /etc/aliases by

# Person who should get root's mail
#root:           marc

Change the user to your local user and uncomment the line.  Then run
the newaliases command.  Mail sent to root will now be directed to
your local account.

> When I set the proper permissions of folders, I can configure
> Evolution to read the messages from folder, but I need to obtain
> them from POP3/IMAP.

Why do you need to use POP3 or IMAP?

> I configured Evolution and can send local messages from ROOT but can
> not receive ROOT's messages. I tried using both POP and IMAP, both
> UNPROTECTED or SSL'ed, but in every case Evolution returns
> "Connection Refused".
> I tried stopping SENDMAIL and installing POSTFIX, but the exact
> scenario is available.

Sure, neither sendmail nor postfix provide POP3 or IMAP services.  You
could install dovecot to provide that, but it seems like overkill just
to check local mail.

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