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Re: F11 bind-chroot - a question?

On 06/16/2009 12:37 PM, Tim wrote:
> Mail Lists:
>>   That is just bad app design - the app needs to learn about which
>> root to use for the config files - should be settable.
> And what's that going to do when a user who has a chrooted system, but
> doesn't understand this, creates their own /etc/named.conf file?  (A
> common enough occurrence.)

  Err .. serious question ? if bind-chroot is installed the default root
path is the chrooted one for the config app. I assume you are thinking
of a caching name server or somesuch - this is really another package
and it should deal accordingly.

  For any real DNS, I'm kind of hard pressed to imagine a DNS admin as
clueless as you suggest .. but ya never know ...

>>    No app should rely on some non-standard links just coz its the easy
>> way. Its not a lot of work to fix this correctly.
> There's nothing non-standard about symlinks.  It's a very standard way
> with dealing with this issue.

    Not symlinks in general - these particular sym links are non-standard.

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