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Re: laptop battery died while upgrading using Pre-upgrade

Robert L Cochran wrote:
> I wonder if preupgrade keeps a log file of what it did up to the point
> your battery died? I also wonder if it built a kickstart file and saved
> to it incrementally? How about terminal output, was that saved anywhere?
> I've never done a preupgrade, my preference is to do fresh installs and
> then copy over the important data bits from my network. But I presume it
> logs its progress somewhere? Or not? What I'm hoping for is that there
> is a file somewhere that can be fed back to preupgrade which says: "I
> was at this point a when the system died. I can resume processing from
> here."
> Bob
I know that you can resume if you interrupt the downloads before it
reboots. I am not sure about the install process. I guess it kind of
depends on where things were when the battery died.


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