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Re: NM and TKIP

> Bonjour,
> I tried to find where to configure networkmanager to use TKIP for a wifi
> but I failed...
> I failed to connect that way (using NM) and I am wondering if it is
> possible.
> running f10.
> Thanks for advices.

Bonjour, Francois.

Indeed, it is possible to use WPA/TKIP with Network Manager under F10...I
am doing so, myself.

All you need to do is to click on the NM icon that shows up in the system
tray area...it should pop up a list of nearby wireless networks.  Select
the network you want, and it should then prompt you for the key.  It will
also prompt you to save the key in the password wallet type program, and
will ask you for a password to encrypt that repository, as well.

Mike Burger

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