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Re: how to disable tap from touchpad

Hi Francois,

I am fresh fedora 11 user and was also searching for this setting in KDE to tap on my T61.  I was unable to find it in the standard admin utilities. However, I hunted and  found a utility 'gsynaptics' that is specifically meant to configure the touchpad.  (just do "yum install gysnaptics").

Being a KDE user, I tried to see whether there was a 'ksynaptics' too. Turns out there we have both 'ksynaptics' _and_ a 'qsynaptics', but of all three, 'gsynaptics' appears to be the only one out of alpha and it works well. :)

Best Regards,

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 7:51 PM, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
Konstantin Svist wrote:
> Markus Kesaromous wrote:
>> Since I have an external mouse, I tape a square cardboard on the touchpad.
>> Works for me! :) :)
> Some laptops have an off-switch for the touchpad. Any idea how to make
> it turn off by default?
I would check for a BIOS setting. I can set my touchpad to work when
I have a mouse plugged in, auto-disable when I have an external
mouse, or disabled all the time.


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