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Other annoyances [was Re: s-c-p: stupid app or PolicyKit annoyance?]

On Wed, 17 Jun 2009 15:05:40 -0800
Kam Leo wrote:

> F11 is full of new annoyances. Have you checked the firewall settings
> since you installed F11?

Among the things in my checklist for new installs is completely
disabling the firewalls to start with (I am behind another firewall
with no open ports, so not a security problem), then after I have
everything mostly normal, copying the hand crafted firewall rules
from my previous install, so I never actually see the default rules :-).
> 1. If you change SELinux to permissive mode 

I find disabled mode works much better :-).

> 2. Pulseaudio no longer works in the F11 client under Vmware.

Pulse screws up so many different ways, that "yum erase pulseaudio"
is still one of my first post-install tweaks, along with disabling
NetworkManager and enabling network.

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