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Pam_mount questions

I'm in the process of moving from Ubuntu Studio to F10 with
Planetccrma because US has been a little to unstable for me recently.

Anyways I've got a test machine setup with F10 and ccrma (on a laptop
currently). Everything is working quite well right now. One thing I
need is to attach to various samba shares during boot. I've got
pam_mount setup and it is working fine while on my work network.
However, when I bring the laptop home and connect to my home network,
the login takes forever (because the mapping of the shares from work

What I would like to be able to do is use pam_mount to automount
certain shares while at work and then also mount certain shares while
at home, but not have it take forever because it has to timeout when
it tries to mount the unavailable shares. Is there some kind of
statement/command/setting I can put in the pam_mount.conf.xml or
something else I can do so that when I'm on $WORK network certain
shares are mounted, but not $HOME shares and vice-versa? My google
magic isn't working today I guess as I have not found anything yet.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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