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Re: OT Qwest dsl gotchas for linux, F10 x86_64

On Wed, 17 Jun 2009 20:30:47 -0700
"Wolfgang S. Rupprecht" <wolfgang rupprecht+gnus200906 gmail com> wrote:

> stan <gryt2 q com> writes:

> > This whole incident has me looking into email hosting and private
> > domain names.  Both are very cheap right now.  Hosting using someone
> > else's domain can be had for $10 US and up per year, hosting with
> > your own domain about $23 and up per year, and domain and web
> > hosting for $42 and up per year.  Seems the way to go.
> Or you could save the money and just do it yourself...  That's what
> bind, postfix, and thttpd are for. ;-)

The static IP for me to do that costs almost twice the hosting service
price, with the hosting service paying for the domain name registration.
As Bruno said, this could be a real time sink.

Besides, they are all running linux, so I'm sure they are using those
programs, so I will be too.  :-)

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