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Re: Choppy mic input in Mumble on F11

la, 2009-06-13 kello 00:04 -0500, Casey Bennett kirjoitti:
> The title says it all--I'm having choppy mic input in this one program, 
> Mumble, a VoIP program that uses the Speex library, to the point that 
> I'm completely incomprehensible. But mic input is fine in all other 
> programs, like Audacity. And here's the weird part: The choppiness is 
> cured in Mumble whilst Audacity is open and it is recording (or 
> recording and paused), but occurs again if I hit stop or close Audacity. 
> Anyone have a clue on how to fix this?
> I'm using a fresh install of F11, incidentally, and PulseAudio is 
> currently handling my audio duties.

I came across the same problem yesterday, I even blogged about it [1],
because it seems so weird. The way I "fixed" it was to keep the Sound
Preferences window open while using Mumble. I'd file a bug if I had an
idea which component I should file the bug against. Mumble? Pulseaudio?
Something else?

I'm using Pulseaudio too and I wouldn't want to remove it for two
reasons: I've kind of learned to like the volume control magic it does
and removing Pulseaudio on Fedora 11 would remove gnome-bluetooth, which
is useful when sending files to my mobile phone.


Ville-Pekka Vainio

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