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Re: OT hosting provider experiences, comments

> I'm looking into using a hosting service in order to have my own email
> domain, and possibly a website.  This is a completely new area for me
> and so I would appreciate any tips from those in the know.
> I've tentatively narrowed to the three providers below:
> http://www.fatcow.com/fatcow/special-promo.bml?offer=OPI&LinkName=No_Name
> http://www.justhost.com/web-hosting
> http://www.hostmonster.com/hosting_features.html
> The link below plus looking at search results was the initial pool of
> candidates.
> http://www.topcheaphosts.com/cheap-web-hosting-providers.shtml?KID=5196177925720021
> Anybody have direct experience with those specific hosting services, or
> want to give general advice on what to watch for with a hosting service.

Adding to some of the other responses ...

It depends if you want a dedicated machine with root access on a rack,
colocate your own, or be virtually hosted.

As for having a dedicated machine, I've been using 888.net/Triple8.net for
over eight years. I had used three other providers prior to this over a
period of four years, being dissatisfied either by price or expectations
of service. I hope the longevity of the association attests to my

While I'm not a hyper-geek, remote access requires that you have solid,
basic sysadmin chops and another fedora-list member's advice to keep a
local box for testing is seconded by me. I've had a enough white-knuckled
experiences on the live machine, paying for it with some proverbial skin.
But 95% of the problems that I have encountered were my responsibility,
not 888.net's.

> Thanks.


Max Pyziur
pyz brama com

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