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Re: Configure wireless by hand

On 09-06-18 12:19:00, Tim wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 08:12 -0700, Gordon Charrick wrote:
> > I've got a little netbook and I've put a copy of Fedora 10 on a USB 
> > stick. If I boot up using runlevel 5, I can use the wireless via 
> > NetworkManager. These netbooks don't have the speediest processors 
> > so I'd like to use runlevel 3 most of the time. I haven't been able 
> > to get the wireless to work that way. How can I configure wireless 
> > by hand?
> It's supposed to be able to work that way, so you shouldn't have to
> configure it manually.  The usual user-interface may be graphical, 
> but it can do its tricks without that.  I've seen it discussed on 
> this list, before, but I can't recall when or under what topic.  You 
> might have to Google the list with some suitable keywords, if no-one 
> replies with the answer.

I don't use NM, but it might be that some required service is running 
in runlevel 5 but not in runlevel 3.  Use chkconfig to check for 
differences between runlevels:

    # chkconfig | egrep -v '3:(on|off).*5:\1'

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